“…this lively and engaged documentary lives up to its name.” “…a loving paean to its subject that you’ll have a hard time eating Manischewitz after seeing it.”

Rivoli “…gripping documentary about unleavened bread and the people who need it.” In the heart of New York’s rapidly gentrifying Lower East Side stand four tenement buildings that housed the Streit’s Matzo factory since 1925.

An iconic New York institution and a fifth generation family business, the Streit’s factory and the Streit family itself have long held firmly to tradition, churning flour and water into matzos through ovens as old as the factory itself.

Though the factory seems a century removed from the world around it, even Streit’s is not immune from the forces that challenge manufacturing and family businesses everywhere.

Matzo and the American Dream is a story of tradition, of resistance and resilience, and a celebration of a family whose commitment to their heritage and to their employees is inspiring proof that the family that bakes together, stays together.

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